A Different Kind Of Learning

E-learning is everywhere, not just in K-12 and universities: courses as market channels and funnels, UI of Edtech software, and monetization opportunities through sharing experts’ content. We all need to learn to improve. Yet, most courses have an average retention rate of 30% and low engagement rate.

We can do better!


  • retention and engagement rates at 90%
  • gaining more leads and clients
  • your users are truly pushing the boundaries of what your software can do
  • Making profits by sharing your knowledge on a global scale

Welcome to E-Learning Solved. We design e-learning to be as effective as online marketing and exciting as kindergarten!

Let's Get Creative

Micro-Learning Unit

MLUs are short discrete bursts of content that are designed for quick mastery and understanding.

Units of Mastery

Units of Mastery focus on learners acquiring multiple skill sets or mastering multiple areas of content.

Full Courses

Full Courses are perfect for employees needing professional credit or certification.


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Case Studies

Check out our case-studies, where we feature our client’s experiences and how E-Learning Solved helped them grow.

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