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Individualized instruction refers to designing instruction for a student based on that student’s pace, ability, or achievement. Personalized instruction refers to designing instruction for a student based on that student’s interest or passion.

But, isn’t personalized instruction a form of individualized instruction?

The answer is … it depends.

During college, I taught at a local supplementary school to make extra money. It was fun, except for having to wake up early Sunday mornings when the rest of the campus was fast asleep. In addition, both my parents were—and are—educators. And I figured, “How hard can teaching be? My parents do it.” Remind me if I ever hear that phrase from someone to give him/her my grandmother’s curse, “You should have heartburn for a month … but only at night!”

Change is hard. Now buck up and pass the potatoes.”

Please raise your hand if you have ever heard this phrase (or something similar) from an adult? (pause) Thank you to those who are honest. The rest of you are either fibbers or are focused on the potatoes.

When I was your age, I had heard that phrase many times (minus the potatoes). [..]

Yep. You read correctly. I am a professor and I box (not the kind you find at the post office).

Got your attention? Good. Then I did what my blogging teacher taught me.



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