Case Studies is an edtech company whose goal is to have teachers create interactive worksheets for their students. In 2016, I was introduced to Wizer by a good friend of mine, Smadar Goldstein, who was designing an innovative Hebrew language course for Hebrew College.

E-Learning Solved designed and built Wizer’s Knowledge Base. We created a resource where users can search for any topic on Wizer. We designed it to be both a roadmap as well as a helpdesk.

Hebrew College’s Adult Learning Program (Me’ah, “100” in Hebrew) wished to extend its reach beyond the Greater Boston Area. The challenge was creating an online asynchronous version of the live courses for their targeted audience - members of the Baby Boomers and the Greatest Generation.

Ariel’s challenge was to launch an online course where students could work independently at their own pace. But the participants weren’t your typical college-age young adults.

Kaizena’s mission is “to enable learners to continuously improve whatever craft they pursue.”

We built an extensive collection of micro-units that teachers can tap with a click of a mouse and attach to students’ works. It provides feedback that is focused and geared toward the student while being accessible whenever and wherever the student may be versus waiting for the teacher in the classroom to go over the lesson.


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