Kaizena Case Study

When designing online courses, the ability for learners to collaborate and discuss content is key to their understanding of the content and growth.

I came upon Kaizena back in 2015 when I was looking for a way for students to collaboratively read online textbook excerpts. The CEO, Maxwell Brodie, gave me an extensive tour of Kaizena’s capabilities along with company’s philosophy of student improvement through feedback.

Kaizena’s mission is “to enable learners to continuously improve whatever craft they pursue.”

Most of Kaizena’s users (teachers and students) utilize the software to receive and give feedback on written papers. The feedback can be done through audio, rubrics, and video micro-units on writing. In addition to using it for feedback purposes, I also used it as a way for my students to collaboratively annotate book excerpts.

Over the next few years, Max and I connected over Kaizena’s growth and how to enhance its features and client reach. I began consulting for Kaizena officially in February of 2018.The first project was to curate content and write the mini-lessons on syntax,punctuation, and formatting. Each mini-unit included:

  • A written statement (1-2 sentences) of the topic (for example, comma placement) and
  • A video explaining/demonstrating the topic

Knowing that the audience (i.e., users) included a wide range of learners, as Kaizena is used from elementary all the way through higher-ed, I had to find or create content that was both meaningful and relevant.

The end result was an extensive collection of micro-units that teachers can tap with a click of a mouse and attach to students’ works. It provides feedback that is focused and geared toward the student while being accessible whenever and wherever the student may be versus waiting for the teacher in the classroom to go over the lesson.

With the launch of micro-lesson feature, my work with Kaizena continues. Thus far, I have created:

  1. Explanatory videos of installing and setting up Kaizena along with the feedback options
  2. Articles on how Kaizena can be used in various teaching practices (e.g., online learning, conferencing, etc.)
  3. Marketing strategies to target local, state, and federal Educational agencies (Schools, Depts of Education, etc.) to extend Kaizena’s reach

The work is still progressing and initial results show the impact is quite positive. As the work continues, so will this story.

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