Wizer Case Study

Wizer.me is an edtech company whose goal is to have teachers create interactive worksheets for their students. In 2016, I was introduced to Wizer by a good friend of mine, Smadar Goldstein, who was designing an innovative Hebrew language course for Hebrew College.

As I typically do, I started playing with Wizer’s platform and ideas and question started popping around in my head: I could use this software for my online courses! Can students create their own worksheets to demonstrate understanding? Imagine adult training was interactive like this - retention and engagement would skyrocket!

I reached out to Wizer’s CEO, Nira Mayorchick Sheleg, wanting to learn more. She immediately related to my desire to push learning beyond its current limits. We had several conversations which led to my working with her on several initiatives.

One of the areas Wizer’s team needed support on was how to tap the American market more effectively. Understanding the psyche of the typical American educator was a challenge for a company based overseas. I offered E-Learning Solved services to help bridge that gap.

Together, we created a 3 pronged approach to marketing. First, we redesigned the support desk responses to use language that was warm and explanatory. Second, we created an Ambassador program by which teachers who wanted to present about Wizer at conferences could receive resources from Wizer (one on one training, presentation materials, door prizes, etc.). Third was the Knowledge Base (more on this in a bit).

As Wizer continued to grow, part of my role was to overseeing the support desk. Wizer became so popular, growing from 30,000 to 60,000 active users in just 4 months, the number of support questions was challenging to address (close to 100 daily).

This is where E-Learning Solved designed and built Wizer’s Knowledge Base. We created a resource where users can search for any topic on Wizer. We designed it to be both a roadmap as well as a helpdesk. Topics are arranged in an order that a typical user will follow (e.g., how to login, how to create your first worksheet) or users can search for specific information.

Each umbrella topic has subtopics with visuals and texts, allowing the users to have a better understanding of how to utilize Wizer.

The result: a 90% decrease in the number of support questions asked daily. This allowed for the Wizer team to focus on other areas (growing relationships with users, marketing campaigns targeting schools and districts, securing additional funding, etc).

The following reflection shares some of the feelings and thoughts of the finished project:

The vision and purpose of [the Knowledge Base] are beautiful. To provide a resource and space for the Wizer community is fantastic and critical - after all, life is all about the relationship building.

The Support Page is for 500,000+ users (60,000 teachers and the rest, students). 500,000 people (and growing)!

Throughout my "career", the impact I have had on others has been significant and limited. Typically, it's a child who needed someone to believe in him/her, or rescue from a horrible environment. Later, it became adults who wanted to become teachers, or better themselves and at times, rescue them (as even in graduate school the adult students are children inside who need help), or my designing a learning environment that is safe, nurturing, engaging, and accessible. Running a school for anywhere from 60-120 kids allowed me to have an impact on each of them through my teachers and staff.

However, nothing compares to the impact that our project will have. 500,000 users will benefit from our work. That realization of my having a role in that impact is awe-inspiring, humbling, & exciting.

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