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Consultants are a dime a dozen. We know you have your pick. So, why choose us? Well, our philosophy is that it’s all about the relationship between us and you. We can discuss strategy, ideas, and proposals, but when it comes down to it, you want a consultant that “gets”: you, your team, your business, your values.

In addition to expertise in e-learning, our core values are: authenticity, transparency, and empathy.


We are educators, e-learning developers, and life long learners. We want to learn about your business and help it grow from the e-learning position. We want to hear your ideas and offer our insight to make it a reality. We bring to the table skill sets related to E-Learning and a passion to change the way people learn. Our CEO has over 20 years of educational experience and nearly a decade of online learning. Yet, when asked if he is considered an expert, his response is, “Anyone who says they are an expert in education is full of soup. Education is constantly changing. No one is an expert.”


Building and maintaining trust with our clients is a core value of E-Learning Solved. We don’t work for you; we partner with you. We achieve this by being transparent with what we can offer you, the costs, and whether we are the right match for your company. It’s that simple.


Behind every project and company are individuals. Just like you, we have hopes, dreams, challenges, and questions. Your project or your company is like your child; you created, nurtured, and have put a ton of love, sweat, and tears into it. You want to see it succeed. We want to help you with that goal.


Check out our blogs, which cover a range of topics centered around personalized learning and real-life lessons.

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Check out our case-studies, where we feature our client’s experiences and how E-Learning Solved helped them grow.

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